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Popping From Front Wheel Upper Control Arm Mount

Do you have a 2000 to 2004 S2000? If so, and if you autocross, track, or drive your car very aggressively, check your front upper control arm mounts. They are known to separate from the unit body under repeated hard cornering. Honda recognized this weakness in a 2004 Service News article. We have a customer…
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Dissection of a S2000 Fuel Rail Dampener

Here is a quick side project we did to satisfy our curiosity and those of fellow Facebook groups and web forums. After reading a post in the Oklahoma S2000 Facebook group asking about the screw on top of the fuel rail damper, curiosity got the best of us. We know what a damper is and…
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The Importance of a Valve Lash Adjustment

A normal maintenance item for most Hondas that is often overlooked is the valve adjustment. Also known as setting “valve clearance” or “valve lash,” this adjustment is an important maintenance item to insure lengthy, proper, and efficient operation of your engine. While the fundamental design of the rockers, valves, and lash adjusters has changed little…
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